Looking for an Alternative?

26 April 2023

Launching in 2023, The Alternative is a South Australian program changing how people start their careers. Find out how you can be involved.

If you’re one of hundreds of thousands of students graduating from tertiary education this year, you’re probably thinking about applying for your first job.

Lucky for you, Australia is amid a “great employment boom”, which means — for the first time in decades — demand for graduates is outstripping supply. From formal graduate programs to entry-level jobs, traineeships to apprenticeships, career options for graduates abound, each with their own unique offering.

For those seeking a new way of doing things, then The Alternative — a new South Australian program changing how people start their careers — is for you.

With expressions of interest opening in April this year, The Alternative will provide you with the chance to be part of a community of like minded grads, and work within three organisations in fast-moving industries over an exciting 18-month period.

Riding on the wave of South Australia’s growing reputation for innovation, ingenuity and creativity — and a host of thriving new industries — grads have never been more in-demand in our state.

So, if you’re ready to relocate your potential and find a career with purpose, keep reading to get the low-down on what The Alternative can offer you, and find out how you can register your interest.

Three placements. Real experience. Fast-moving industries.

As its name suggests, the Alternative offers an alternative way for you to start a graduate career: a real ‘alternative’ to the status quo.

It is the first program to offer grads experience with multiple employers (including start-ups and small-medium sized enterprises), and industries, allowing you to explore the range of opportunities available in the South Australian economy.

When you take part in The Alternative, you’ll be given three, six-month long industry opportunities, where at any time over the 18-month program, you could be offered and accept a permanent role.

You’ll gain knowledge and skills through receiving hands-on experiences in supportive environments, while undertaking professional development and mentoring from leaders across South Australia.

Credit: Unsplash

Be engaged. Be challenged. Be motivated.

With the chance to work for three different organisations, in three emerging South Australian industries, there’ll never be a dull day in the office (or lab, warehouse or on site!)

You’ll have the chance to explore how your skills can be applied across a variety of roles and projects – and you might even discover new talents you never knew you had.

With an emphasis on professional development and networking opportunities, and the chance to take part in mentoring and career coaching, the Alternative is the perfect launchpad and catalyst for your career.

At the end of the 18-month period, you’ll ideally walk away with either a full-time role in your desired industry, or an unbeatable resume and start to your professional network to kick off your job search.

How you can be involved

The Alternative is accepting expressions of interest from graduates of all disciplines – so long as you’re
passionate about innovation, collaboration, and driven to become a leader in your field of interest.

To be eligible, you must have graduated in the past two years, or currently be in the final year of study.

To register your interest in The Alternative, visit thealternative.sa.gov.au. Applications for The Alternative will open in mid-2023.

For more information, including eligibility and FAQs, visit thealternative.sa.gov.au.