Boom-town: 5 industries hiring in SA right now

24 August 2022

From Google to Tesla to Microsoft, the list of global companies putting roots down in South Australia grows each day.

Image: Finn

Riding on the wave of our growing reputation for innovation, ingenuity and creativity, new investments mean skilled workers have never been more in-demand in our state.

If you’re ready to relocate your potential and find a career with purpose, explore career opportunities in these five booming industries today.


We’re a global leader in the transition towards clean energy, with thousands of South Australians working on an ever-growing list of projects transforming our State’s energy use to net 100 per cent renewable generation by 2030. Right now, there is $20 billion of investment in the development pipeline, including 25 solar farms, 12 wind farms, seven hybrid projects (combining wind and solar) and 10 battery storage projects.

Roles available: Civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, electricians, project managers, and health and safety officers.

Hiring organisations:Tesla, Santos, Neoen, Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, ElectraNet, Iberdrola Australia.

Creative industries

A culture of creativity and innovation is helping to generate new enterprises and bring industry heavyweights to South Australia. Companies like Rising Sun Pictures are developing visual effects (VFX) for blockbuster Hollywood films from their base on Pulteney Street in Adelaide’s CBD, while leading mobile and PC games are being developed by SA-based Mighty Kingdom, Team Cherry and Team Fractal Alligator, and Monkeystack.

Expenditure on post-production, digital and visual effects in South Australia rose to $66 million in 2018-19, up 50 per cent from $44 million in 2017-18, according to figures from Screen Australia.

Roles available: Motion graphics designer, industrial designer, graphic designer, game developer, programmer, software developer, illustrator.

Hiring organisations: Artisan Post Group, Convergen, Jumpgate VR, Rising Sun Pictures, MPC Film, Mighty Kingdom, Team Cherry and Team Fractal Alligator, Monkeystack.


Adelaide is a national hub for new technologies, as the home of the University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute of Machine Learning, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) bigdata Living Lab setting up shop in innovation precinct, Lot Fourteen.

Our local industry has been responsible for developing solutions for many global challenges, including enabling farmers to more efficiently monitor crop watering systems through new satellite technology, and developing world-first 3D hologram technology with potential commercial applications spanning gaming, education, engineering and medical imaging.

Roles available: Data scientist, systems engineer, machine learning and artificial intelligence engineer, solution architect, ICT developer, project manager or designer, virtual/augmented reality developer.
Hiring organisations: AWS, Google Cloud, Commonwealth Bank, Salesforce, Microsoft, Cognizant.


Home to the $10 million Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre at Lot Fourteen and an additional 25 specialist cyber companies, South Australia is leading the pack when it comes to Australia’s cyber security industry. Many of these companies support some of the nation’s largest defence contracts, which are also based in South Australia. With growing global demand for cybersecurity products and services (figures suggest that Australia will require about 17,000 more cybersecurity workers by 2026), you place yourself in the box seat of this cutting edge industry from right here, in South Australia.

Roles available: Cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity specialist/technician, cybersecurity engineer/consultant, security administrator, penetration tester, cybersecurity architect

Hiring organisations: Nova Systems, MTX, Cyber CX, Consunet Pty Ltd, Op Sys.


Aim for the stars with more than 1,000 jobs in the space industry set to launch from South Australia in the coming years. Not only are we home to more than 100 space-related companies, including Fleet Space Technologies, headed-up by Flavia Tata Nardini, but we’re also home to the Australian Space Agency and Mission Control Centre, too. Supporting rapid growth in this space, our local space industry needs specialists in space law, engineering, design and manufacturing, robotics and data analytics.

Roles available: Software architect, engineer, financial assistant, lawyer, scientist, designer, data analyst, project manager.

Hiring organisations: Fleet Space Technologies, Myriota, Inovor Technologies, Neumann Space, Saber Astronautics, Silentium Defence.