New to Adelaide? Here’s how to find your people.

20 June 2023

Want to build your professional, social or industry networks in South Australia? Here are our tips for meeting the who’s-who, or just the who’s-you, of SA.

Photo: Andrea Castellucci

So you’ve got the perfect job, moved into your idyllic home in the leafy suburbs of Adelaide, unpacked your boxes, and discovered your favourite corner coffee shop – you probably feel like a local now, right?

Not quite!

Finding your feet in a new city is as much about getting social as it is about getting settled, but making new connections and friends as an adult can be hard.

Fortunately, you’ve moved to South Australia – where one simple connection can lead to an entire community, and an abundance of opportunities both socially and professionally.

To get you started, here are some of the top professional, community and industry networking groups and events in South Australia, to help you meet the who’s-who, or just the who’s-you, of SA.

Professional Networking

If you’re looking to build your professional network there are a number of organisations and groups in SA specifically designed for connecting businesses and professionals in the state.

Showcase SA is South Australia’s top networking group for locally owned and operated organisations. With a three-tiered membership structure offering leadership and professional development workshops on a year-round calendar, as well as networking events. Business SA is a similar member-based networking group, which provides the opportunity to make new business contacts through networking opportunities and events.

If you’re driven by social change in business, Committee for Adelaide is an A-political, non-sector specific and for purpose membership-based organisation, made up of diverse businesses and community groups that are passionate about seeing positive changes in South Australia. With a high-profile list of member organisations, which collectively employ over 45,000 South Australians, it’s the perfect place to start if you want to build your local connections and be seen as one of the state’s key future-makers.

Community Networking

If you’re looking for social connection that doesn’t involve an app or screen, there are some fantastic organised social networking opportunities in Adelaide that are perfect for newcomers.

Adelaide Connected is a group created by Committee for Adelaide, specifically designed for people who are considering a move to South Australia or have recently moved and want to learn more about Adelaide culture, lifestyle and community. They facilitate introductions, connect people to job opportunities, and hold regular events with the aim of providing new South Australians with meaningful connections.

If you’re an academic or just love to learn, The University of Adelaide’s Research Tuesdays are weekly lectures by university researchers discussing a wide range of topics, and provide a great place to meet interested and interesting local people.

The Local Government Association of South Australia website is also a great place to find out about what’s happening in your local community – whether it’s finding a library near you, or attending a community event in your local council area, it’s the best way to connect with your neighbourhood.

For music-lovers, Adelaide has a vibrant music and arts industry that is incredibly welcoming, and The Wheatsheaf Hotel is where it all happens – with live music, science talks, and poetry jams every night of the week (and groups like the Wheatsheaf Ukulele Collective), you’ll be sure to find your people over a pint at the Wheaty.

Industry Networking

If you’re looking to network with people in your industry there are a number of industry-specific organisations, groups and events that welcome newcomers with open arms.

Lot Fourteen, is a world-class innovation district which is home to 153 organisations and 59 startups dedicated to solving some of the most complex challenges we face globally – so if you’re into tech, there’s no better place to be! Head to their website to find out more about the regular activations and experiences they host, from networking events to build connections, to workshops from industry thought-leaders.

Women in Innovation and Technology SA is a member-based networking and professional development organisation for women in technology and related industries in South Australia and provides professional development opportunities and networking events.

Founded in 1962, SKAL International Adelaide, is the Adelaide arm of an international network of travel, tourism and hospitality managers from SA who meet monthly to listen to a guest speaker and network and no doubt enjoy a local wine too!