Counting down to zero

24 August 2022

To help tackle the climate emergency, we’ve embraced a clean, green state of mind here in South Australia.

Image: Marcus Wallis

In fact, South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, is on track to be net-zero by 2025 — and if successful — we’ll be one of the first cities in the world to reach this important target.

This isn’t new news, though.

South Australia has been a leader in climate change action since 2007, when we introduced the nation’s first climate change legislation — the Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 2007 — embedding an emissions reduction target in law.

Since then, our progressive regulatory and policy settings, combined with our capacity for innovation, has placed our renewable energy and clean technology at the forefront of the global energy transition.

Remarkably, in just over 15 years, we’ve transformed our energy system from one per cent to more than 60 per cent renewable energy. We were first in the world to install grid-scale storage to capitalise on our strength in renewable energy generation. We’ve broken a record by running for nearly a week on renewable energy.

At the heart of our efforts is South Australia’s Climate Change Strategy 2015–2050, which outlines what we’re doing to maximise our state’s opportunities for renewable energy transformation. This includes focusing on buildings, transport, renewable energy, and water and waste.

These regulatory frameworks are now considered to be the most supportive in the country.

It also outlines the State Government and Adelaide City Council’s commitment to a joint aspiration for Adelaide to be one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities.

Since the Strategy’s launch in 2015, we’ve become a showcase for the uptake of renewable and clean technologies and for embracing the economic opportunities of responding to climate change — and we’ve got the stats to prove it, too.

Between 2007 and 2020, we recorded a 21 per cent reduction in emissions within the City – and during this time, the city’s Gross Regional Product grew by 45 per cent, and the population increased by 41 per cent.

During this decade, we’re aspiring to achieve 100 per cent net renewables by 2030.

And we’d love you to join us on this journey.

Find a career with purpose and play a global leadership role in South Australia’s booming renewable energy sector today.